.praxi TLD Domain Name Registration Policy

PRAXI S.p.A. operates the .praxi TLD registry for the purpose of supporting the PRAXI S.p.A. member firms (which are Affiliates of PRAXI S.p.A.).

This .praxi TLD Domain Name Registration Policy (.praxi TLD Registration Policy) sets out the eligibility criteria for registering domain names in the .praxi Top Level Domain.

The .praxi TLD Registration Policy may be updated periodically, without prior notice. Continued registration or use of a .praxi domain name after any update constitutes acceptance of the then current version. The only remedy in case of any disagreement with the current terms of the .praxi TLD Registration Policy is to cancel your domain name registration.

The terms of the .praxi TLD Registration Policy as described herein constitute the entire agreement concerning the eligibility criteria for registration of a .praxi domain name. It is to be read in conjunction with the .praxi TLD T&Cs. No other agreements or representations supplement or alter the terms of the .praxi TLD Registration Policy, except as expressly incorporated herein.


  • Affiliate means a person or entity that, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, or in combination with one or more other persons or entities, controls, is controlled by or is under common control with, the person or entity specified.
  • Cancel means the deletion of a domain name registration and removal from the .praxi zone file.
  • ICANN means the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
  • .praxi means the .praxi Top Level Domain.
  • .praxi TLD Registration Policy means the .praxi Domain Name Registration Policy which sets out the eligibility criteria for domain names in the .praxi Top Level Domain.
  • .praxi TLD T&Cs means the .praxi TLD Terms and Conditions which sets out the terms and conditions governing the registration and use of domain names in the .praxi Top Level Domain, and which incorporates, as relevant, the PRAXI S.p.A. Terms of Service
  • Registrar means a party through which a .praxi domain name must be registered. A registrar must be accredited with ICANN.
  • Reserved Names mean domain names which are unavailable for third-party registration at the time of their appearance on a list of Reserved Names.
  • Revoke means the deletion of a domain name registration and removal from the .praxi zone file.
  • Suspend means deactivating a domain name by removing it from the .praxi zone file, while maintaining the registration itself.
  • Top Level Domain means the final characters after the dot in a domain name; in the case of “nic.praxi”, this is “praxi”.
  • You or your means an individual or entity seeking to initiate registration of a .praxi domain name, which if allowed is the domain name registrant.

Terms used in the singular or plural are merely for convenience, and shall apply mutatis mutandis, as the context may require.
All communications and information under this .praxi TLD Registration Policy shall be in English.

Registration Eligibility

Eligibility to register a .praxi domain name is limited to PRAXI S.p.A..

To assist in ensuring compliance with the .praxi TLD Policy, “privacy” or “proxy” registrations may not be permitted in the .praxi Top Level Domain.

Domain Name Registration Rules

Domain name registrations in the .praxi Top Level Domain follow a four step process managed by PRAXI S.p.A.: (i) Eligibility Confirmation; (ii) Naming Convention Check; (iii) Acceptable Use Review; (iv) Registration.

.praxi domain name registrations are available to eligible registrants for annual terms between one (1) and ten (10) years.

In the event Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) registrations are made available in the .praxi Top Level Domain, they will be subject to the .praxi IDN registration pairing rules as and when they are developed.

  1. Eligibility Confirmation
    Only PRAXI S.p.A. is eligible to register a .praxi domain name.
    Prior to any .praxi domain name registration or renewal, and at any time during the registration life cycle, domain name registrations will be verified by PRAXI S.p.A. for compliance with the .praxi TLD Registration Policy including as to eligibility.
  2. Naming Convention Check
    .praxi domain names must meet the following technical conditions:
    1. must be at least 1 character and no more than 63 characters long
    2. must contain only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens or a combination of these
    3. must start and end with an alphanumeric character, not a hyphen
    4. must not be a Reserved Name
    5. domain names at the second level must not contain a hyphen at the 3rd and 4th positions (tagged domains) unless corresponding to a valid Internationalized Domain Name in ASCII encoding (for example “xn--ndk061n”).
  3. Acceptable Use Review
    By asking PRAXI S.p.A. to register or renew a .praxi domain name registration, you warrant and represent that your .praxi domain name registration does and will at all times comply with the .praxi TLD Registration Policy and .praxi TLD T&Cs.

    Registration or renewal of a .praxi domain name is subject to PRAXI S.p.A.’s satisfaction that the Acceptable Use standards set out in the .praxi TLD T&Cs are met prior to, and at all times during a .praxi domain name registration.

    As a Registrant of a .praxi domain name, you warrant and represent that where your .praxi registration is a letter/letter two-character ASCII label then you will take steps to ensure against misrepresenting or falsely implying that you or your business is affiliated with the corresponding government or country-code manager if such affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement does not exist.
  4. Registration
    Provided that the .praxi eligibility confirmation, naming convention check, and acceptable use review are satisfied, PRAXI S.p.A. will provide a secure instruction to the Registrar to proceed with the registration or renewal of your .praxi domain name.

    If at any point prior to the registration expiration date you no longer wish to maintain your .praxi domain name registration, you may submit a written request by email to the Registrar requesting cancellation of your registration. Please note that if you cancel your .praxi domain name registration, PRAXI S.p.A. is under no obligation to make that domain name available for your future registration.

    At the conclusion of the registration period for your .praxi domain name, unless you have instructed the Registrar otherwise prior to the expiration of your .praxi domain name registration, the Registrar will renew your .praxi domain name registration on the basis of an agreed standing renewal order.

Reserved Names

The following terms are reserved from registration by third parties:

  1. reserved terms prohibited by ICANN from availability for registration including as required by the ICANN Registry Agreement applicable to the .praxi Top Level Domain, and in particular
    1. the terms “example”, “www”, “rdds”, and “whois” at all levels, which at PRAXI S.p.A.’s discretion shall be withheld from registration or allocated to PRAXI S.p.A.
    2. the term “nic”, at all levels, as this term shall be allocated to PRAXI S.p.A. for use in connection with the operation of the .praxi Top Level Domain
  2. any term reserved by PRAXI S.p.A. e.g., pursuant to the business goals of PRAXI S.p.A. and member firms (this may include terms relating to third-party rights)

Last update 20/09/2017

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